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Recover Your Lost Data

Worried you lost your data? Did you accidentally delete some files or format your hard drive? Are you concerned your hard drive took a turn for the worst and may have crashed, potentially losing all of your valuable data? Let a highly qualified Sicoir technician get back your cherished data such as pictures, documents, and email! Sicoir has salvaged and resurrected data from so many devices!

Data Recovered
  • Non-functioning Camera Memory Cards
  • Physically broken USB Flash Drives
  • Hard drives
  • Formatted storage devices
  • Failing storage devices
  • RAID arrays
  • Linux and Mac/Apple devices


So flash drives (USB drives, thumb drives) are not supposed to come in 6 pieces? Didn’t matter… Another happy user gets their cherished pictures recovered by the Sicoir data recovery team!!!


This hard drive from a local Hays business may be a little charred, but that didn’t stop us from recovering all of the customer’s data from it!!!