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Digital Video Surveillance

Whether you are looking to upgrade existing security cameras and recorders or develop an entirely new surveillance system and installation, Sicoir is one of the top video surveillance companies in Kansas. Many video surveillance companies can supply security cameras and recorders, but Sicoir Computers provides the tailored made video surveillance services to meet very specific needs. These well designed video surveillance services are well planned to cover all or any area on your residential or commercial property. Sicoir supplies and installs all kinds of commercial security cameras and security video recorders including embedded DVR systems.

An embedded DVR systems is a surveillance system installation that can support multiple security video recorders. These security video record systems support few to multiple cameras and can record in high speed for multi frame per second playback. In the event of a technical issue, an automatic storage back up can be installed and when activated is written onto disks. When using an off-site back-up facility to store the data, tampering or theft possibilities are totally eliminated.



High definition megapixel video surveillance cameras cover a great distance from both left and right of its location. Therefore, less video surveillance cameras are needed to cover any given area. The video surveillance cameras are very flexible and can pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) over an area in great detail and can also be viewed from many locations.

Network video recording surveillance systems

An NVR system streams the recorded video onto a hard drive. No video connectors are used and they can be installed anywhere. These video surveillance systems can record and replay simultaneously. Recordings on any one surveillance camera can be viewed by any number of operators simultaneously and independently. With easier set up and a more user-friendly interface the NVR video surveillance systems is designed to handle as many cameras as the unit supports. It is professional grade live video surveillance recording with real-time monitoring and playback service. If your residential and commercial property is in need of a video surveillance system upgrade from a DVR based or any other outdated video surveillance system, contact a Sicoir representative today to discuss the many security cameras and recorders available.